Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is plated using a process called Physical Vapor deposition. It is a vacuum coating process that creates a stronger bond and thicker coating, making it more durable than traditional gold plating. Traditional gold plating also requires a clear coat to prolong the plating, however a PVD coating does not.
*please note that our sterling silver pieces have standard gold plating and proper jewelry care is necessary* 
Our jewelry can be confidently worn in water! But although we are confident in the lifespan of our pieces, the reality is that gold plated jewelry can eventually lose its shine. BUT with proper care, you can enjoy your new pieces for the years to come.
So, as means to protect and prolong the life of your new piece(s), we recommend that you remove them prior to showering/bathing and swimming as much as possible. We also suggest that you avoid your pieces from coming into direct contact with harsh chemicals such as perfumes/body sprays, as well as creams and lotions.